1. Dear Ashton Kutcher

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    Fuck you.

    And your wife. Fuck you too, Demi.

    Your shitty, pandering, belligerent, nonsensical, anger-over-facts campaign against child trafficking is a shameful example of the way new media can be abused in favor of dubious causes.

    Make no mistake, I am in no way diminishing the harm or wrong of child prostitution. But this is bullshit.

    1) These ads are idiotic. So the guy ISN'T a real man, because he doesn't do laundry? Does that mean he 'buys girls'? What's with the cutesy attempt at bro-humor, and then the tacked on serious message? Is this supposed to be funny?

    2) When the Village Voice critiques you really, really well - and your response is to try to shame advertisers to pull from their paper via twitter, without addressing those critiques - you are abusing new media

    3) Your blanket attacks on sex-related classifieds ads advance a culture of sex-negativity and punish, shame, and diminish (NSFW) tonnes of great people making a living off of sex. You know. That thing most people enjoy.

    4) As was aptly pointed out by a Youtube commenter (not everyone is all about the dislikes!), the package of socks opened by Kutcher in the 'Laundry' ad is equally (or more) likely to have been tainted by exploitation than the adult classifieds section of a local alt newspaper. Before you say moronic things like "One girl sold for slavery is too many!", you had better have an equally strong stance on EVERY PRODUCT YOU ENCOUNTER.

    Apple factory workers face abuse, electronic waste offshoring is still rampant, and Amnesty International reports that conflict diamonds still have access to legitimate marketplaces in the United States.

    I don't think that people should have solutions to every problem before trying to help one. Nor do I think that causes should necessarily be paralyzed by what they don't do, rather than what they can accomplish.

    But using incorrect data to bully, harass and shame legitimate media outlets and honest citizens is reprehensible - as is wielding Twitter like a sword to rope uninformed supporters into pushing your bullshit tactics.

    Stop trying to be celebrity Tony Starks. You are both acting like fucking assholes.

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    1. So how do you really feel? :-)

      Well reasoned, articulate, passionate rant - well done!

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