1. Quality Free Shit #2 - Wugazi

    Saturday, January 21, 2012


    This series was prompted by my friend Jocelyn, who found herself quite broke, and quite in need of excellent tunes.

    Lucky for her (and for everyone), there's a whole lot of great free music being released these days. Download, enjoy and get excited about these great bands.

    #2 - Wugazi - (Mashup)

    Yep. Exactly what it sounds. Wu-Tang and Fugazi mashed up, unexpectedly (and quite well) by Cecil Otter of Doomtree and Swiss Andy. I'm new to Fugazi (heresy!), but I've been rolling with the Wu for a while now, and this works nicely to my ears. Even when the mix doesn't quite pull it off, it's a lot more interesting than most Wu Mashups*. Bonus point for including ODB's pre-Kanye award show moment.

    *For another great Wu-Tang Mashup, see Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers. Beatles and Wu. Bong Bong.


    "Another Chessboxing Argument"
    "Floating Labels"
    "Last Chance for the Clientele Kid"

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