1. I recently rediscovered several hilarious and horrifying advice books belonging to my Grandfather, all dating from the early parts of the 20th Century. While I expected rampant misogyny, racism and loopiness (and was not 'disappointed' in these regards), what did surprise me was some genuinely good advice. For the next week, I will be posting bits of insight from a manners guide (see left), and a very brief explanation as to how I think each applies to my own life -  94 years after the publication date. Many of these will be apart from their original context, but I think this makes them even more prescient perhaps.

    Without further ado:


    "Queen Victoria forgave certain breaches of etiquette made in ignorance, and left her guest to discover the mistake at another time. It is a reprehensible host indeed who does otherwise, and so makes a guest uncomfortable. Etiquette is all wrong and false when it makes one forget the higher laws of courtesy or hospitality."


    Consider these words as you read the comments thread for any online discussion. To me, this speaks to not just etiquette, but the larger notion of not letting corrections betray a general attitude of respect. Those who energetically engage in sniveling correction, angry pedantry and flat-out knowledge wank would do well to heed this highly relevant wisdom.

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